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Did You Know...

That the average 15 year old oil boiler operates at only 56% AFUE? In addition, many oil heat systems are oversized by as much as 30-50%! Aging and oversized equipment, limited efficiency combined with the rising cost of fuel oil make now the perfect time to make the switch to clean, efficient propane.

An oil to propane conversion is an investment with an immediate payback and a comparable propane heating system has 32% less CO2 emissions over its lifetime vs fuel oil. Switching to propane also lets you reclaim your basement with equipment that takes up a fraction of the space while also eliminating the hazard of aging oil tanks.

PropaneThe cost savings of an oil to gas conversion are easy to calculate. The low efficiencies of old oil equipment balance the lower BTU's per gallon of propane, so the rule of thumb is the number of oil gallons your home consumes will approximate your propane usage. With propane home heating prices average $0.30-0.50 per gallon less than oil, the savings add up quickly. And finally, take comfort knowing the propane is a domestic fuel, and that 90% of the propane used in New England comes from North America.

Versatility of Propane

  • Cooking with propaneCooking

    ...provides instant heat and precise control that just can't be matched by an electric stove.

  • Propane hearth equipmentPropane hearth equipment

    ...offers both ambiance and warmth to drafty old fireplace. Vent-free and direct vent units can be installed in any room and units operate without electricity giving you heat in the event of a power outage.

  • Emergency power generatorsEmergency power generators

    ...let you ride out any storm. With hurricanes, ice storms and record snowfall becoming more frequent, fuel your generator with clean burning propane that provides reliable starting every time you need it.